Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 344 - Sub

Despite being afraid to hear the answer "No", and occasionally thinking, "You can just skip your last 5K of the year since it falls on a Saturday workday" (that thought of course, was quickly followed by thoughts of, "Are you crazy??? You can't flush 11 months of commitment down the drain!), I mustered the courage and asked the newbie at work if he'd cover for my class next weekend. He happily agreed, even though he wasn't even scheduled to work that particular day. I think I took a step back in shock that he answered "yes", and eventually thanked him. Sadly, over coming that fear was probably the easiest part of my work day. After work, I headed north to hang out with friends for dinner and drinks. All I can say is, if laughter is the medicine of laugh, I should live forever.

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