Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 343 - Leopards, and Scots and Bears, oh my!

Today I spent the morning sleeping in, but don't worry I eventually got motivated to get up and moving. After all, I had guests to prepare for! My morning started slow with some basic "chores" like laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning, while the afternoon found me chopping, cooking and prepping for tonight's dinner. Before I knew it, the candles were lit, my guests had arrived and the wine was flowing.

After dinner I opened up a card and gift brought by my visiting friends, and was astonished by the thoughtfulness contained inside. While I may not have shown it at the moment, I was overwhelmed with their generosity, and their beliefs in my dreams and willingness to help me achieve them. It's amazing when you realize your friends (or family really) believe in you more then you believe in yourself at times! I can't wait for the weather to warm in efforts to put my gift to use!

After letting our dinner digest just a bit, we decided to head out to Lincoln Park Zoo, all bundled up (some of us in our animal hats), in efforts to take in the light sites. Despite the cold, I was content to be in good company, and was warmed by the blessings of good friends, and holiday lights. I have to say however, while the lights, music, animal and ice exhibits were amazing, the best part of the outing was turning around and seeing ourselves in a "Fun House" mirror as much shorter and "squatty" versions of ourselves, we all laughed out loud with full belly chuckles.

Before heading home, there was one last stop to make and that was for cupcakes at the infamous Molly's Cupcakes on Clark. Though the store was too crowded and we were too full, neither stopped us from picking out cupcakes to be savored later. A "Ron Bennington", Blueberry Cheesecake, and Chocolate Decadence followed us home for the night. Once home, the cupcakes were set aside and the couch was over taken by three tired site-seers who now chose to relax and warm themselves with a drink or two, and the holiday classic Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer. The glow of the Christmas tree added to the dosage of holiday cheer.

All too quickly the movie ended and coats were being put on to face the drive home (thankfully, I got to stay put!). As we said our good-byes I wished my friends a safe ride home and proceeded to change into my jammies. I stayed up a bit longer waiting for text confirmations that the arrived home safely and shortly after, I put myself to bed to dream of lights, and living "cage free"!

Thanks B-Rob and Brown Bear!!!

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