Friday, December 23, 2011

Day 357 - God Speaks

I recently received an email from someone who is no longer in my life. It was a "nice", yet annoying email to receive as I don't wish to hear from this person any longer. It claimed that this person "changed" and that things going forward should be positive. Blah, blah, blah.

I have to admit, the email had me thinking and wondering about life, possible changes and the future. I worked to push it out of my mind as I bundled up to shop for last minute holiday dinner ingredients, but still it's contents bothered me. I walked to the local grocer hoping the fresh air would ease my mind. As I did, a woman, presumably homeless, struggled to light a cigarette as she hovered over the sidewalk in an awkward squatting posture. I've never seen her before, but I worked my way to the opposite side of the sidewalk to allow for a large berth of passage. As I did this she muttered in a haggard and raspy voice, yet clear and loudly enough for me to easily hear and understand, "He hasn't changed...piece of shit!".

I had to giggle and think that this was a sign from above and said, as I looked upwards, "Okay, I'm, listening - and thank you!". Now, I'm not sure that God would send a message that would call one of his creations a "piece of shit", but I appreciated the timing and the humor of the message, whoever it came from. 

I completed my shopping with nothing but my profound message in mind and soon headed home. The woman was gone, no where to be seen. Had I invented her? Was she an angel in disguise? God can take on any form, after all I reminded myself. Of course you can decide whether this was karma, heavenly intervention or just some perfectly timed homeless humor, but as I was reminded recently... talking isn't so much about what you say, it's more about listening!

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