Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 337 - Therapy

I've been dealing with a headache now for what I'm guessing has been 24 hours or so. It's nothing that a trip to the chiropractor won't fix, however, my next appointment isn't until Monday. Until then, it's Advil, ice and rest, which do little to help with the painful, "ice-pick stabbing my brain" like pain. With that said, I surely didn't feel like going to work today and much less, dealing with the public.

Despite the lack of desire to get out of bed, I went to work hoping to feel better. I'm of the old adage that "If ya just get up and moving, you'll feel better". Well, that wasn't the case for today, but what did help me was a great dose of happy, puppy tail therapy. Shortly after I arrived at my dog training job, I saw two past clients with their Chihuahua in tow. Miss Fox (the cutest and only Chihuahua dog I like!) wiggled and yipped and barked in excitement as I approached her shopping cart. And then, all training went out the window! As she jumped about and squirmed, giving me silly puppy kisses, I couldn't help but just pet her and encourage her to do so. Several jumps, licks to my face and pettings later, she started to slowly calm down. As I chatted with her owners, they raved about their past training and were astonsihed at just how much Miss Fox was over joyed to see me.

With all this affection, my pain (although temporary) melted away and I was filled with nothing but happiness and appreciation for the moment. As I walked away, a much happier person, I couldn't help but hope that some day a human will get that excited to see me! Ahhh, some day. Until then, thank you Miss Fox, you totally made my day!

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