Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 360 - MMOM

Since our normal "Meet Me On Monday" host Java is taking a break from posting questions until after New Years, I've created my own this week to finish out the year of Mondays!

1) What does the day after Christmas find you doing?
I actually started taking down all of my Christmas decorations! I really want to start the new year FRESH with nothing from the previous year sitting around, including decorations. That, and I've been downloading lots of new tunes for my I-pod.

2) Do you have plans for NYE?
Nope - and I'm just fine with that, I think New Year's Eve is my least favorite holiday! Everyone puts too high of an expectation on one night to make the rest of their year magical, when the focus should be on finding the magic and adventure that the year has to offer in every single day! 

3) Do you plan on making any new year resolutions?
I don't really think of my goals as resolutions but if ya want to put them in the same category, sure.

4) Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?
I had an awesome holiday this year! It was one of big surprises and great people.

5) What will you do with your Christmas dinner leftovers?
I was smart and sent them ALL home with someone else! I just don't do left overs very well. No matter how well intentioned I am to eat them, they always sit for WAY too long and go to waste.

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  1. This is great! I missed doing this today! :-)

    I don't do resolutions, per se, either. I set intentions, though, and set plans in motion, and do a major clearing of my home. Love that!