Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 356 - Shopping

What do you think of the last minute holiday shopper? Do you think they are thoughtless and just didn't care to shop earlier? Do you think they just honestly forgot one item, and needed to run out for it? Or are they just the good-ol' procrastinator who puts everything off til the last minute like usual?  

Be careful which conclusion you come to, as your opinion will include me. It's three days til Christmas and I still haven't shopped, but let me explain! I have done some gift giving already, so for those individuals there's really no shopping left to be done. And as for my family, I won't see some of them until after the new year, so there's no pressure to shop for them just yet. So that leaves just a few dear and close friends to shop for. Hmm?

It's not that I don't know what to get these people in my life, rather I have so many ideas I have a lot of trouble narrowing down what it is I actually want to purchase. I typically find the decision of gift shopping completely overwhelming! If only money really did grow on trees I would buy everything, avoid having to make decisions, and of course give dear ol' Santa a run for his gift-giving money!

So tonight found me braving the crowds and facing the last minute hustle and bustle of crazed shoppers and crowds. Despite having to search for parking, I was greeted with over all friendly co-shoppers and store associates which made for an easy, last minute shopping spree. I was relieved that my experience was more positive then the horror stories I've heard about and that I avoided the name calling and cart bashing others have encountered.

Now with gifts in tow, all I have to do is wrap them. Thank goodness for gift bags - the lazy person's miracle to gift wrap! What about you, is your shopping and wrapping complete? What is your biggest holiday challenge?

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