Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 335 - December

I can't believe December is already here. With it comes holiday celebrations and decorations, and well, more celebrations. But what happens when someone tells you that you can't show appreciation for your staff by celebrating over a holiday lunch or dinner? "Others might not want to take their staff out", is what I hear. Or, "Your team is small, and feelings might be hurt if other managers can't afford to take out their larger teams".

While I understand the concerns, t
oday I bucked the system and took my staff out for lunch regardless of the things I've heard. While I did request my staff to keep the "mandatory staff meeting", on the down low, I hope that they know that I do appreciate them and the work they do, and taking them to lunch was the least I could do to show it. Sometimes, some "rules" just need to be broken.

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