Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 347 - Socks

My co-workers decided to organize an office "Secret Santa" gift exchange and I was unfortunate enough to pull my boss's name. I say unfortunate not because I dislike my boss, but talk about performance anxiety! To add insult to injury, her requested gift, "socks". Wtf? What am I supposed to do with that? Socks? What sick person wants socks for Christmas? My boss, that's who. Okay, I give her credit - she did help me narrow it down and provided a minute detail that she desired "Smart Wool" socks, "but not too thick".

After seeking out multiple opinions of others, I came to a conclusion that I'd be purchasing a "Margarita" pattern striped pair of wool socks. Who doesn't like a good Margarita? (OK, so that happens to be MY favorite drink, humor me). Off to the sporting goods store I went in hopes of finding my much needed, hoping to impress, Margarita wool socks..."not too thick", I reminded myself. Upon arrival, I saw what I considered more impressive looking socks, but they were cushioned. Would they be too thick? "But they'd probably be more comfortable", I thought to myself. "But what kind of shoes might she pair them with? Would they be too thick to fit into her shoes? Oh good grief Lynn, just buy the dang Margarita socks", I told myself. I then contemplated sizes - small, medium, large? "Why can't anything be easy", I wondered? "For crying out loud, it's JUST socks!".

Later that night, I wrapped the socks paired with a bottle of Mike's Margarita's and hoped my boss would appreciate the humor and connection of the two items. What if she hated the striped socks? What if she thought the Margarita drink was a ridiculous idea, especially for the office? Oh well, the box was taped shut, and the gift wrapped. Only time will tell if she appreciates the "socks...not too thick".

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