Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 342 - Wine

Tonight I had a date with a current friend, and 3 complete strangers and loved it! I'm so glad I took a chance and joined the "Girls About Town" Meet Up group in efforts to try new things (like wine tasting) and meet new people.

Upon arrival at the wine shop, Provenance, I met up with my girlfriend and wasn't quite sure how the night would was just the two of us, and there should have been 7. As I always have a good time with my girl, I didn't really mind if it ended up being just the two of us, however that wasn't the point of the night. As the minutes passed, another Girl About Town arrived and the three of us began tasting wine.

The shop workers, and the wine distributor hosting the tasting were friendly and knowledgeable, but the wine? Wow. I was not impressed with the wine choices at all! Now, don't get me wrong, I do not know a lot about wine, but I'm not quite sure how one creates a wine that tastes like a combination of dirt and cough syrup and expect it to fly off the shelf. To each their own I suppose. The wine tasting was not a total loss, however. As we milled around the store, other girls showed up and I found a recommended sparkling Shiraz that I chose to purchase. Fingers crossed the "sparkling" is sweet and over comes the typical Shiraz dryness.

After the tasting and shopping we walked around the corner and headed to Garcia's, a (new for me) Mexican restaurant. As we walked down Lincoln in the heart of Lincoln Square, we couldn't help but take notice of all the quaint shops, and hopefully we remember which ones we want to return to. In addition, we even saw Santa on the corner, but I'm not quite what he was spreading as he didn't seem that full of holiday cheer.

Once at dinner, surrounded by too many bowls of chips and dip, awesome conversation ensued. It was great to hear so many life stories and experiences similar to my own. (Finally, validation I am not the only one who goes through some of the crap I've been through - it's not just me!). Compliments, votes of confidence and encouragement flowed, followed by new proposals for future hang outs. The night flew by all too fast and before I knew it, our check was being divided up and it was time to head home. We hugged and said our good-byes, and this Girl About Town drove home to put her Sparkling Shiraz on ice and blog all about the fun she had. Can't wait til the next meet up, but for now it's off to bed as I've got yet another Friday off tomorrow, and I need to rest up for my pending dinner guests!

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