Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 176 - Sub

Today I had to substitute for the head dog trainer, and got a great compliment from one of her students in return. Of course, it's always my prerogative to rock the classes that I sub for in hopes that the clients rave about me upon the other trainer's return, and also, so they can build a report with me and come to me with questions as needed when their "favorite" trainer isn't available.

Frustrated with the Intermediate level class that was not so "Intermediate", I continued to work one on one with the students who seemed to be struggling, and offered encouragement along the way. It wasn't until after class had ended and I had said my good-byes to everyone that our manager came up to me and told me that Bentley's mom said that I was a great trainer and very helpful and basically, she adores me. Woo-who! Score one for the sub! (Of course, I'm sure she adores her regular trainer too, but - yay ME!)

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