Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 174 - Stinky

Tonight I met up with my partner, man-friend, significant other (I'm struggling with the word boyfriend - see most recent MMOM post) for dinner and when we arrived at the restaurant of choice, it smelled. And not in a good way. My nose immediately scrunched up in dislike, and I looked around for the cause of the stench. "Did someone have a potty accident?", I thought to myself.

I couldn't believe that I was the only one who seemed to notice the strong smell of poo in the air! I tried to rationalize that maybe the smell was a burnt dinner, mixed with an alcohol aroma from the bar, or some weird combination of good smells that when combined went sour, but no. It smelled like POOP. The hostess continued to seat people, and people continued to walk in and recognize nothing. I finally asked my man-friend, "Can't you smell THAT?". It took him a moment, and then his nose scrunched up just as mine had.

We immediately told the hostess we were leaving, and I paused to ask her, "Don't you notice that smell in here?" and she replied, "No, but I'll tell the manager". Ick! I can only deduce that she'd been working there so long that she had gotten used to the smell! We headed off to the next restaurant with no regrets and enjoyed our dinner, free of "used-diaper" smell!

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