Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 154 - Benjamin

Marcello: By Will Rafuse
(One of my favorite artists)

Sometimes the best things in life are the little things, or maybe not even things at all, but the actions of others. One of the best things about today, besides leaving work, was the fact that the chef in the cafeteria was waiting for me, and had my breakfast in progress. My daily routine (at job #1) has been to work out, shower, and then head to the cafeteria for breakfast. It's about that time that I scan the offered food items, and silently groan at the fact that there are no plain eggbeaters. I usually don't say anything and take what's offered and enjoy my breakfast anyway, but let me tell ya, I'm about fed up with eggbeaters and spinach. Then enter Benjamin.

Benjamin is a warm hearted, positive man that seems to have a contagious, positive attitude. He often asks what it is I want and seems more then delighted to make me an individual batch of plain eggbeaters. In addition, he's made me breakfast burritos, and sandwiches as well. He always recommends what's good, and shakes his head "no" if I am in jeopardy of making a poor food choice. But today was just a little different.

Today, as I walked into the cafeteria Benjamin exclaimed with a smile on his face, "I've been waiting for you!", and then asked "Body for Life?" (a type of lean breakfast sandwich). I smiled and replied "Yes", along with a thumbs up. It was at this moment, I looked to the grill, and saw that Benjamin was just putting the finishing touches on a fresh sandwich just for me, despite the fact there were plenty of sandwiches waiting under the heat lamps. I thanked him immensely.

I know a breakfast sandwich may not make heads turn in awe, but the fact is that someone took the time to think about me, and to do something positive that totally made my day. And for that, I thanked him, and had to write this post. The world needs more Benjamin's! And more importantly, if you have a "Benjamin" in your life, make sure you thank them!

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