Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 153 - Bye, Bye Tellie

Based on yesterday's post, I am challenging myself to a week with no TV. Yep, starting Saturday, June 4th, I will attempt one full week of no TV. I had to put some rules into place however, as there is one place I cannot really avoid watching TV, and that's at the gym. All of the cardio equipment faces 8 televisions that are constantly "on", so other then attempting elliptical trainers and treadmills with eyes closed (not a good idea for Ms. Clumsy here), I will make the gym the only place TV is allowed (but I promise not to like it!). With that said, the rules I've come up with for myself are as follows:

1) No watching any TV programs on my own personal TV's (or friends, or neighbors!).
2) Viewing TV's in gym acceptable as deemed unavoidable.
3) Internet information is okay (ie: e-mail, social websites), but no watching Hulu, or other TV sites.
4) Any DVD/movie watching at home is prohibited.
5) Going out to a movie theater is allowed.

Wish me luck!

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