Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 169 - People

I have some amazing people in my life, and just wanted you to know that and, also put it in writing so that I can always remind myself of it! After having quite the taxing week, I appreciate:

A friend convincing me to come hang out with her, and actually meeting a new friend too. Looking forward to some crazy nights dancing in the near future! - Thanks Tricia and Autumn

Students/friends who stopped by my work on Saturday and kept me entertained - I love you guys! Thank you Jon, James and Wally!

Having the best boyfriend ever, who knows when to listen, love me, and buy me a drink!

And with all this cheering up, in addition to numerous other surprising offers of help (thanks Linda, Linda, Debbie and MCC) I have to admit, I'm back to being a pretty happy girl again!

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