Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 158 - FAIL

Okay... I went 45 hours with no TV and caved. I have come to find out that I use the TV as a "winding down" tool that helps me quiet my mind, ultimately lulling me to sleep. I did okay without the TV Saturday night but didn't sleep well, and by Sunday night I massively crabby and tired. My mind kept reeling from all the past weeks' issues, and anticipating the upcoming work week woes. I literally felt like I was going nuts! My mind wouldn't stop racing, despite talking to others, reading, and listening to music in efforts to relax. It was around 8:30pm when I decided to stop torturing myself and turn on the TV. My mind began to settle as I zoned out, but then the real torture began as I chose to watch, "Sister Wives". Yuck!


  1. No worries Lynn. Don't feel guilty. Too much TV is probably a bad thing, but we all need our small doses.

  2. TV is a great pacifier... and it's cheaper and better for you than pills, right? (Unless you're watching Sister Wives, of course.)