Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 161 - Vacation Day 1

I made it to the airport and headed to security, only to my dismay did I realize that the line of people the length of the Mississippi river, were in line for security checks as well. I nearly crapped myself realizing I would NEVER make my flight in this line. Thank goodness for security check point #7 that no one ever seems to remember about. I made my way due North to find a slightly less intimidating line.

With literally no time to spare, I squeaked through security, grabbed breakfast, and boarded my plane. It was then I got an ominous text that would set the tone for my whole weekend. In short, the ill-timed text suggested potential disastrous medical issues for a loved one, based on recent symptoms and health concerns.

Despite this, I plugged in to my I-pod and let Bob Marley and the Beach Boys lull me to sleep as I flew over the states. Once in San Diego, I was greeted by my girlfriend, and fun in sued. We toured the bay, and settled in Seaport Village for an awesome picnic, shopping and people watching excursion...

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