Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 148 - Energy

There are days I'm absolutely in love with my (dog training) job. Days that I love usually involve working with a pup who's parents have written it off as crazy, and untrainable, only to take the dog and have it perform miraculously with me. People tend to think it's magic, or that I have better treats then they do, but what really accounts for the drastic change in their dog's behavior? One simple word, ENERGY!

Today I got to work with a two-time returned adoption dog that was labeled as untrainable, and not adoptable. Really? Unadoptable is a pretty harsh word! The parents were nervous to bring her to class as they expected wild and crazy behavior, however all I saw was a dog eager to work and please it's parents. I saw a high energy, intelligent, but bored dog - a dog just looking for something to do, but when not given the proper outlet, of course she'll eat your house as if it were made of kibble!

I started class with a cradle and massage technique designed to calm and sooth dogs. Of course, this is pretty easy with little lap dogs, but when you're working on restraining a 65 pound, what I'm guessing to be a Lab/Greyhound mix, it's a little harder. Her over anxious parents struggled with her, but I asked if I could take her to demonstrate, and when bringing a calm energy to the pup, she laid down and smiled. Yes, smiled as only Greyhounds tend to do.

See what I mean?

Immediately her parents asked if I could go home with them to keep working with her, and then it was my turn to smile. As the massage continued to relax the mixed breed, I heard whispers of "she's like the Dog Whisperer!". Comments like those MAKE MY DAY! After the demonstration, I sent the pup back to her parents and discussed bringing a clear mind and calm energy to their training, and guess who had the most well behaved dog in class? Yep, that's right!

It amazes me to see what kind of negative and anxious energy we pass along to our pets, yet expect them to remain in a calm, well behaved state. Take a lesson from dog training and think about what it is you bring to the table. What kind of energy do you present to others in your day to day interactions with your fellow man or woman? Do you walk tall and confidently, or slump over? Are you inviting, or closed off? Think about it, and if you haven't already, change up your energy for the better!

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