Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 132 - Leona's

Eating out for someone on a diet can be challenging and full of fear. Eating out at an Italian or Mexican place is extremely dangerous for me, as I have no carb stop button and tend to over eat. Despite fear, my boyfriend and I walked around the city soaking in the last remains of the sun and running errands before we settled on Leona's for dinner. We've been there a hand full of times and the food is great, but my typical order is a cheese filled, alfredo covered lasagna. Not quite the stuff of dieter's dreams. (Well, okay maybe it is.)

Choosing what to eat was upon me, and in a panic state, I asked "Do you have grilled chicken?". "Yes, we can do that", the waitress replied. So I ordered a penne pasta with marinara sauce and a grilled chicken breast. Eating healthy never tasted so good! Added with the extra walking, and learning to not over eat and taking a "doggie" bag home, felt great!

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