Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 142 - Perfect

Today started with breakfast at a new place, "Frances' Deli". He had the Breakfast Sliders, a bacon, onion, cheeseburger with an over easy egg on top with a side of potatoes. I had a scrambled skillet with Habanero cheese. I love the heat, but have to admit, the sliders were to die for! Speaking of, "to die for", Frances' has what they call "Spiked Shakes". Below is a picture of a chocolate ice cream, Oreos, and Kahlua shake. What a dream!

Leaving Frances', we followed a new walking path, and stumbled upon North Pond. There we saw duck and geese.The baby goslings were so fuzzy and adorable, making me forget what a pain in the ass bird they can grow up to be.

As we followed the walking trail, we had no idea where we were, or where we would end up. However, we quickly stumbled across this guy (or girl?). There was a turtle demonstration on the lawn of the Nature Museum to celebrate and promote National Turtle Day (5/23/11).

We then circled the museum on what seemed to be a never ending nature trail (but we really didn't mind) in efforts to find the entrance. Once inside, we rushed to the "fun" exhibit, a free flying butterfly exhibit. I felt like a child, amazed by the fluttering of gentle wings surrounding me. One of the first butterflies we encountered was the Owl Butterfly. (Note: Owl-like "eyes" on wings)

Following were other butterflies that I now can't recall the names of, but we did take the time to sit down and educate ourselves about the names of each species while in the museum.

This was a visitor that landed on my boyfriend's pocket and then later tried to stow away and escape with us by landing on his arm. The exhibit attendant had to stop us, and confiscate the stowaway.

We played throughout the rest of the museum with child like enthusiasm. We learned about honey bees, termites, wildlife, water ways, and nature in general. Below, my boyfriend is using a "bird" simulator (puppet type gloves) to weave a nest. Notice how the "bird" is more interested in him, then building a nest?

After leaving the museum, we walked to the lake front. We were torn between people watching, and boat watching as we sat on the pier. We enjoyed the serenity of the lapping waves, the glow of the sun and the caress of the cool breeze. We laid down and watched the clouds while soaking up some vitamin D.

Heading home, we walked along the lakefront and harbors and enjoyed observing the boats, people and pets. As we neared one harbor, I noticed someone swinging in the air. We went to investigate and found that, here in my back yard (ok, really big backyard) they offer trapeze classes! We stopped to watch for a while.

After the trapeze viewing and contemplating when (if) we should sign up, we headed home. The clouds started to sprinkle on us, but we didn't let that deter our fun. We made a vow that if it started to "pour", we would just stomp in the puddles and enjoy splashing each other the rest of the way home. It was just that kind of day.

Once home, the boyfriend and I took a nap and later shared a home made dinner. The night has now ended with me kissing my boyfriend good bye and having taken root on the couch to blog while watching "The Big Lebowski". The storm is starting to roll in, and I am enjoying the rain scented breeze flowing through the apartment accompanied by the occasional crash of thunder. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.


  1. Trapeze class sounds like so much fun, even just for a quick run through!!

  2. I agree Lynn - not sure I am in shape for the class, but even just a 2 hour introductory for fun would be cool!