Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 125 - Opa!

Joining two friends at Demetri's Greek restaurant proved a tad challenging as I could not decide what to order. I was torn between:

Mediterranean Chicken $15.95
Pan seared chicken breast with olive oil, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, garlic, oregano, lemon, white wine and capers. Served with spinach & rice pilaf.


Kota Lemonati Agriomanitaria $14.95
Chicken breast & wild mushrooms in olive oil, lemon & white wine. Served with rice & vegetables.

Despite the long name for the second dish, I did try my best to enunciate it to the very, very Greek waiter, and then asked him for his recommendation between the two. In one simple question he replied, "Do you like tomatoes?". "Yes", I stated. And just like that, my order was placed for the Mediterranean Chicken, because it was his favorite, and I liked tomatoes. Pretty scary to trust a stranger with my dinner, but his Greek accent was pretty dreamy, err I mean, convincing.

When the food arrived, I was a bit concerned about my chicken which seemed to be covered in a tomato sauce, versus having the fresh cut tomatoes on it that I had secretly envisioned. Despite the layer of chunky ketchup, I cut into the tender chicken and took the first bite. If it weren't for looking ridiculous, I would have exclaimed "Opa!" as it was absolutely fantastic!

Pinot Noir: $10.25
Appetizer: $7.95
Mediterranean Chicken: $15.95
Trusting the waiter: PRICELESS

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