Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 140 - Obituary

A conversation with a friend inspired this blog post. If you died tomorrow, what would your obituary say? Would it show the world you were a go getter, and lived a full life? Or would it leave behind a statement of regret? I started thinking about what my obituary might say, and this is what I came up with.

Lynn G. died today at the age of 72. Born in the suburbs of Chicago, she enjoyed a quiet, stable childhood surrounded by friends and family. Attending college locally, she earned a dual Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design and Studio Art. Despite her artistic background, she worked for a local health care company for 12 years, while maintaining a part time dog training job. Training dogs and their owners was a great joy in her life, and where she felt she made the biggest impact on changing people's lives and the life they spent with their pets.

After a short stint of living in the city of Chicago and experiencing all it had to offer, she left both aforementioned jobs to work in Africa for the Cheetah Conservation Fund. In Africa, Lynn put her dog training skills and love of the Cheetah to good use. There she helped train the Anatolian Shepherd dogs used to educate local ranchers. Throughout her years of work in Namibia, she traveled the world extensively to rendezvous with her then boyfriend, Mike G. As Mike toured the world for work, Lynn visited him on location and vice versa. During this time, Lynn visited such places as Australia, Italy, Spain, Greece and her all time favorite location, Bora Bora.

Having experienced the greatest challenges and accomplishments of her life during "the Africa years", as she often referred to them, she returned to Chicago to marry long time boyfriend, Mike G. Shortly thereafter the couple relocated to California as part of Mike's managerial job with a major music promotion company. As husband and wife, the couple enjoyed spending time between their California home and their summer house in the Caribbean Islands.

During her early retirement, Lynn continued her charity efforts and involvement with the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Additionally, she successfully exhibited and sold her artwork and photography from "the Africa years", leading her to open her own art gallery. As a result of her artistic success, "Lynn G." became a household name.

Some years later once mutually retired, the couple opened the successful hot dog stand, "Gibby Doggs", and saw major success opening chains throughout the nation and, of course, in their native Chicago. Mike and Lynn experienced a wonderful life together up until the time of her death. Lynn passed away at home, while asleep, and surely dreaming of more adventures to come.

Flowers are appreciated, as well as donations to the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

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