Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 137 - Truthful Tuesday

While blogging every day doesn't seem to be that hard for me, I am having a problem keeping up with the original intent of my blog, that is, writing something of quality that scares me every day. I still have fears to conquer like hot air ballooning, rock wall climbing, and going to the beach (and actually wearing a bathing suit) but those types of events have to wait until they present themselves to me - i.e., warm enough weather to go to said beach, the balloon ride opening at Navy Pier, etc. So what do I blog about in the mean time?

I have Mondays covered with the new, Meet Me On Monday effort, but what about the other 6 days a week? Truthful Tuesdays? Wordless Wednesdays? Thankful Thursdays? While I am not against these types of posts, I don't want my blog to become impersonal or one big "gimmick". And the only subject I know well enough to post about every day is me, so I guess that is my answer! "Scary" posts will continue as they happen, but in the mean time, the blogging word is gonna get a nice big dose of Lynn and her daily life and thoughts. Readers beware!


  1. Do you think you will try to conquer your hot air balloon fear with the tethered one at Navy Pier this summer? I want to go on that thing so much!!

  2. Ha - yes Lynn!!! When it first came to the pier, I was all over it/wanting to go and never made it. Then, it seemed like every time I did go, the wind hadn't been steady enough to actually go on it and now I'm at the point where I'm afraid to go (had too much time to think of safety issues!) and need to just GO!