Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 121 - A - Z Reflection

First, a thank you to all who made this challenge possible, and to all those who participated and more so, to all those who stopped by for a read - thank you!

I've been blogging daily since January 1st of this year as part of my original blog intent is to chronicle the one thing I do every day that scares me. Sometimes it's small and simple, and other days it seems like the task to be conquered should be in the record books for having been completed. The A-Z Challenge proved to be one more fear for me to conquer and journal about here. Will I complete all the posts? Can I come up with a subject for each letter successfully?

Having decided to finally take on the challenge, I wasn't so much afraid of the quantity of posts, but rather afraid of over all failure and lack of creativity on my behalf. I will admit the challenge was...well...a challenge! Due to work schedule and social life some posts were scheduled ahead of time, or a bit delayed or even rushed. As such, there are definitely some posts I am more proud of then others, and I think commentary or lack there of reflect the effort and time put in.

What I gained from the challenge, I am grateful for. And what is that, you might ask? A few things, including but not limited to, getting to "know" some fellow bloggers a bit more, "meeting" new bloggers, being educated by informative posts, stumbling upon humorous posts that made bad days a little better, perspective from others in different age groups and at different crossroads in their life, inspiration and a sense of community. It was great to see what others' creativity brought to the challenge through the variation of the subject matter used for each letter.

I will miss the A - Z challenge, but the challenge for me doesn't end here. As one idea always leads to another, this challenge has inspired ideas for future posts. Additionally, I look forward to popping in on the blogs I've chosen to follow thus far, and still have many more to drop in on! In closing, whatever it is that life brings you, best of luck to you on your next challenge!


  1. I enjoyed your reflective post - you echoed some of the things I enjoyed. There are so many blogs 'out there' and it's humbling to realise how many I'll never read, but the A-Z challenge has made it easier, in some ways, to 'meet' some of them:-)

  2. Sorry I missed you during the challenge. There were so many blogs I couldn't get to them all. I love the idea of "do one thing a day that scares you". I think I might have to copy that. Nice to meet you though. Better late than never!

  3. Hi Lynn!
    I'm sorry I didn't discover your blog during the Challenge, but I'm very glad to find it now. I love the theme of your blog! I love quotes too, and find them very inspiring.

    I'm looking forward to following your blog and finding out what else you do that scares you! :)