Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 93 - Flyers

I started my blog January 1, 2011 challenging myself to blog every day about things that scare me, and yet the April A-Z Challenge rules advise me to take Sundays off. I can't bring myself to do it! So, if you're a new A-Z follower, today's post doesn't pertain to the challenge, rather the original intent of my blog. Hopefully this doesn't throw any new followers off!

Today's fear, hand out flyers I created for my fund-raiser. Sounds simple, but I had a really hard time talking about the subject and then passing out my artistic creations. The only reason I even got the nerve to hand out my information was I grew tired of the conflicting dialouge in my head. Good Lynn said, "Hand them out Lynn - you took the darn time to make them, now do it!" while Evil Lynn suggested, "Oh Lynn, who cares, they won't donate anyway". Let me tell you, it gets exhausting over thinking things and listening to the voices in my head. This is one of the reasons I challenged myself to blog and, "Do one thing every day that scares me". It might not always be something huge, but sometimes just quieting the self doubt in my own head is enough of a battle of bravery.

After 45 minutes of talking to myself (internally of course, hey - I'm not that crazy!) I got the nerve to say, "Hi Ladies, can I give you some information about an event I'm doing?" and handed out my first flyer. They were well received and by the end of the day, I received two more donations. I considered this an overall success that helps bring me one step closer to my goal. Of course, I had no problem sneaking flyers into my boyfriend's laptop bag so he could take them to HIS place of work and ask for donations. Go figure!

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