Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 110 - Q is for Queen

Queen: a woman eminent in rank, power, or attractions. - Merriam Webster

That's right, I'm a queen. I even have a tattoo of the letter "Q" on my ankle to prove it. Why you might ask? It all started a long time ago in a castle far, far away. Well, okay not really. It started off as a childhood nickname, more likely a teenage nickname, that my sister gave me. Yep, what started off as a derogatory statement, has stuck as a permanent nickname and state of mind (some days).

In frustration, she (my sister) made a comment to the effect that I just thought I was a queen, whilst I treated her like a lowly commoner. Thereafter I was referred to on occasion as Queen, or "Q" while The Commoner got shortened to "TC". My sister found it quite funny to yell, "Queen!" in random shopping stores knowing that I would answer, and also knowing that those around us would turn to gawk and think, "Who the hell would name their kid Queen?".

To further cement the title of Queen to my name was a trending artist at the time, Mary Engelbreit. Englebreit's work became popular with her cartoon renderings of a curious little girl in various situations. One of her works, "The Queen of Everything" is posted above which helped excel me to "queen-dom". So, in short, there ya have it. The story of how a regular girl becomes a queen!


  1. It's always interesting to hear how a nickname comes about. Cool post.

  2. I think it's a great nickname to have. Nice post. And thanks for your comment and visit to my blog.

  3. Sacry how nicknames stick.. years ago I called my eldest Muppet as she was doing something so stupid she was indeed being a muppet.. It stuck to the point I call her muppet as a term of endearment most of the time. Her phone number is saved on my phone as muppet..

    I'm glad your sister went with Queen having seen what you went with for your cat ;)


  4. Hahaha -right on John! That made me giggle!!!

  5. Different! Good little blog, worth reading.

  6. That's such a cool nickname to have!

    I actually have more than one, depending who I'm with.


  7. Tim - thank you!

    Karen - thanks for stopping by! (I love your blog!)

    Ken - Thank you, been following your blog for a little while now and get quite a kick out of it!

    Misha - Thank you, and thank you for stopping by! Hope all your nicknames are good ones! : )