Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 116 - V is for Vacation

Vacation: a period spent away from home or business in travel or recreation - Merriam Webster

I was once told my life energy is like a pitcher of Kool-Aid. Like a childhood Kool-Aid or Lemonade stand, I dole out my Kool-Aid (advice, time, emotional and physical energy and efforts, etc) to others and watch my pitcher grow more and more empty each day. At one point, a girlfriend and I had an on-going catch phrase that it was "time to replenish the Kool-Aid". This meant that we needed to take a step back from our lives (or the people, problems or things in it), and take time for ourselves to refill our proverbial pitcher of self energy, or Kool-Aid. One of my favorite, and usually most expensive ways to replenish the Kool-Aid is to take a vacation! Some of my best Kool-Aid seeking trips have been...

London - the most educational trip and due to all the walking and touring, I lost one pant size!

Paris - The shortest trip, less than 8 hours

Disney Cruise/Bahamas - The most peaceful and relaxing trip...also the most scariest thing (swimming with stingrays!)

Ireland: The friendliest and funnest place, partly due to large consumption levels of Bulmer's Cider (me at Blarney Castle kissing the Blarney Stone)

Antigua: The most beautiful paradise I've seen to date

Graceland, Memphis Tennessee: The best road trip, was to the home of the King, Elvis Presley - picture of "The Jungle Room" inside Graceland

How do you refill your Kool-Aid?

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  1. I completely agree, vacations are the best way to replenish the Kool-Aid. My wife's family has a cabin in the UP of Michigan, right on Lake Superior. We spend time there every summer, it's a great place to recharge the battery.