Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 96 - E is for Elective

Elective: permitting a choice : optional - Merriam Webster

Despite thousands of "E" words, today's post was challenging for me. All I could think of was "E is for elephant, and some days I feel like one" but I figured that wouldn't be much of a post. Finally, with just hours left in my day, I thought of the word "elective". My fondest memory of the word pertains to the elective classes that were offered in school. Of course, these classes were primarily for fun and didn't necessarily count towards my degree, but some of my favorites were printmaking and pottery class.

As an adult, I've continued to pursue elective education (look at me with two "E" words!) throughout my life and believe that we as humans are never done learning. Looking back, I've taken some odd classes but they've all been a source of fun, or at least make for fun conversation. Classes or events I have participated in include, but are not limited to:

Djembe Drum Lessons (hand drumming)
Bellydance (I can shimmy with the best of them!)
Latin Dance, Tango & Salsa (I still have no sense of rhythm)
Boot Camp Fitness (Boot Camp failure AND I got pooped on by a bird!)
Zumba (yep, still rhythmically challenged)
CPR (be nice to me, I could save your life!)
Puppy Obedience
Advanced Obedience
Basic Agility
Advanced Agility (my dog kicked butt!)
Therapy Dog Training
Tae Kwon Do (never got past a white belt)
Self Defense (I know how to flip a full grown man!)
Sewing 101 (one lop-sided pillow case was the final result)
Scrap Booking (2 completed, shamefully 3 left unfinished)
Kickball League (I love the big red ball!)
Horseback Riding Lessons (I still fell off a horse on a Dude Ranch weekend getaway)
Wildlife Sketching
Dragon Boating (I got very wet from a very dirty river, despite being in the boat the whole time!)
Yoga (I love downward dog pose!)

Of course, I still have a laundry list of classes I want to take, some of which I will be taking on as part of my "Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You" self challenge. Those classes include: Sign Language, Motorcycle Riding, Flying, Bar Tending, Jewelry Making, Stained Glass, and Cooking.

What classes or seminars have you taken? What new thing do you want to learn? And most of all, what are you waiting for? Get in there, be brave and dare to sign up for whatever it is you want to do! I want to hear about it!

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