Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 94 - C is for Cheetah

Cheetah: a long-legged spotted swift-moving African and formerly Asian cat (Acinonyx jubatus) about the size of a small leopard that has blunt nonretractile claws - Merriam Webster

Did you expect me to blog about anything other then a cheetah for my "C" day? If you've been following (John - I feel sorry for you!), you know by now I am participating in the "Run for the Cheetah" 5K event on April 23rd. I've taken on the goal of raising $1,000.00 for the event, all of which benefit the Cheetah Conservation Fund. To date, I have raised $668 and am just $332 shy of my goal!

The cheetah is one of my favorite cats, and is losing it's race for survival. How ironic that the fastest land animal cannot out run the guns and traps of African ranchers who are now the cheetah's biggest threat on the planet. One of the services the Cheetah Conservation Fund offers to local African ranchers, and as a dog trainer I love this, is that they provide ranchers trained Anatolian Shepherd Dogs to protect their cattle. A barking dog is all it takes to scare off a cheetah as they prefer flight over fight!

While I have reached 60% of my goal to date, fund raising has not been the easiest of roads for me! I've sent e-mails, created and passed out flyers, designed Facebook events, talked about (lectured) and even called into radio stations to plug my event and goal! I have only 19 days left to raise the rest of my funds and am working hard to maintain a positive focus. If you're reading this, maybe you'll consider making a donation to help the cheetah? Any amount is welcome and can be made easily on line at my fund-raising website shown above, and again here:

All donations benefit the Cheetah Conservation Fund and are tax deductible!


  1. Can't believe no one else has left a comment. Came across your blog through the A to Z challenge and saw this post about cheetahs. Well, my daughter LOVES cheetahs and I had to support your cause. Go ahead and tell everyone, loud and proud, it's a great thing your doing and a wonderful charity you're supporting! Good luck in reaching your goal.

  2. Oh my gosh - THANK YOU SO MUCH JANET! You just made my night, your help is much, much appreciated!!!