Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 114 - Leapin' Lizards

Today I put my fears aside and put my hand in this "thing's" aquarium in order to give it fresh water. Of course, said "thing" did not want to move out of it's water dish so I could actually give it fresh water. Because I was afraid of it, I actually inserted a whole roll of paper towels into said aquarium to try to push the lizard out of it's water dish. He wasn't impressed and moved slowly.

Of course, said lizard didn't feel the need to let me work alone, instead he sat next to the water dish as I put my hand inside his home to remove it. He looked on with careful supervision. Once removed, I rinsed the bowl and filled it with water. Of course, said lizard still had not moved from his inspection point when it came time for me to replace my hand and the water dish back into the aquarium. I quickly settled the water filled bowl back amongst the wood chips in the lizard's dwelling place and he looked on with approval. That's when I became bold enough to actually pet him. Scaly little thing. Reptile fear conquered, until the next time!

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