Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 92 - B is for Blessings

Blessing: a thing conducive to happiness or welfare - Merriam Webster

What are you blessed with? So often we look at what's wrong, or going wrong, that we don't take the time to thank God, the Universe, Karma, or whatever entity it is you believe in for the good things that we do have. Challenge yourself to think of three things per day that you're thankful for, and I guarantee you'll have a much better outlook on, and feeling about your life. Three things I'm blessed with and thankful for? Read on...

- Bad relationships so I can appreciate the true love, and true friends that I have in my life today

- Living in Chicago. Sure, rent isn't cheap and the national bird is the pigeon but I love where I live and am thankful for the opportunity to be here. I'm thankful to have any roof over my head, as many people don't.

- Charity events. I'm thankful I can help raise money for and participate in the different events Ive proposed to do this year. It's a reminder that I'm healthy enough to climb, walk, jog or bike these events and hopefully, I never have to be on the receiving end of the benefits they provide. But, if I ever am, may there be volunteers as passionate as I am to help me along the way.

What are your blessings? A roof over your head? Your children? What brings you happiness, leave a comment and let me know!


  1. God, Family , Work would be my 3 !


  2. Health, Family, Love! I love the idea of remembering our blessings and how developing a "gratitude log" has climbed its way into our mainstream. Nice to have people be more aware of their lives!