Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 117 - W is for Wrigley

Wrigley Field is one of my all time favorite places on Earth, and host to the Chicago north side team, the Cubs. I don't get wrapped up in statistics of games won or lost (although I prefer to see the white "W" flag flown) but rather, I relish in the nostalgia of a place nearing the age of one hundred years old.

I think of how the spectators have changed, from men in suits to the fans of today, and I often think of how the field itself has changed and grown. (I won't bore you with those details, but if you want more information check out: History of Wrigley Field). I think of all the greats who have graced the field and marvel at the talent that once this way came. I relish knowing that the Great Bambino called his famous shot here, at Wrigley (yep that's right New York fans!) and I think I can still hear Harry Carey leaning out of the announcers booth to sing the 7th inning stretch. Occassionally Harry's infamous, "Holy Cow!" calls still echo the friendly confines. I appreciate the red bricks and green ivy that adorn the building and I love being able to hear the crowds cheer from my apartment. I love knowing that even if I attend a game alone, I end up amongst friends.

Wrigley has stood the test of time for decades and offered millions a place to go and share a weekend game perhaps between father and son, or a week night date between loved ones. Wrigley has housed more talent then most stages, and I hope will continue to evolve and remain a Chicago mainstay for another hundred years to come. I love Wrigley, and am thankful I get to be a part of it's history.

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  1. Awesome post Lynn! You captured the spirit of Wrigley perfectly. I had the chance to see a game at Wrigley a few years ago. My brother-in-law is a huge Cubs fan, and he treated me to a game while we were visiting. I'm not much of a baseball fan, but it was a special treat to be in the friendly confines. I had a killer hot dog, or two, and a few Old Styles of course. Everyone should see a game in Wrigley. Pretty cool to live so close you can hear the crowds.