Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 301 - B-Rob63

I have a new blogger friend that I think you should check out at "Seeking My Own Quiet Place". You might ask why I'm mentioning him and his blog here? Well for one, I remember what it was like to be brand new to the blogging world (so please stop by and make him feel welcome!) and secondly, I'm stealing his topic for today's 301st post!

What do I think happiness is?

I don't know that I believe happiness is just one thing, or maybe it is to some? But I think happiness is an energy to be shared and a journey to be lived, definitely not a destination. I think happiness is in the little moments that make up one big life. I think happiness can be a gaze upon a cloud or the look of your loved one on your shared special day. Happiness is a contagious thing, that I know for sure. Happiness is a curing thing as well. Happiness comes in many sizes and forms, and like beauty, is in the eye of it's beholder. People waiting on happiness, I should think, would hardly ever find it as I believe happiness is something you make, share, and most of all, participate in and appreciate in the daily practice of life.

What do you think happiness is?

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Lynn. I find your expansion of my topic fantastic. I hope all that read these blogs will think a bit about what it is to be happy. Finding happiness has always been a lifelong quest and searching is part of the fun. Keep your eyes open and your heart as well.