Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 300 - Wow!

I can't believe this is my 300th post! While I was looking for one of my favorite Eleanor Roosevelt quotes which states...

"...You must do the thing you think you cannot do."

I also found this one...

"One thing life has taught me: if you are interested, you never have to look for new interests. They come to you. When you are genuinely interested in one thing, it will always lead to something else."

I can't believe how true both of the quotes above are for me! Writing this blog and tackling some of the obstacles written about have seemed insurmountable at times, and as I look back and review some of my writings I ask myself, "How did I do that?". It's amazing not only how I've tackled the things I thought I couldn't (like climbing up a skyscrapers, raising over $1,000 for a charity event, and partaking in my first ever Mud Run) but how my general interest in life expands, and allows new opportunities to find me.

So often I've told my friends that this blog and the events held within it have seemed to magically snowball and lead me to new paths and ideas. Eleanor Roosevelt's quote couldn't have summed it up any more perfectly! What have you accomplished that you thought you could not do?

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