Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 274 - Phone-less

We as a culture, rely on our technologies way too much and become a slave to the things we own. As a challenge to myself, I was to go 24 hours without my cell phone. Now, I must admit, while it was a challenge I planned to face, I had not planned on tackling it this particular weekend. Thanks to being in a rush, I left my cell phone at home Friday morning and was not planning on returning home until late Saturday night. While I instantly realized I had forgotten my device and had time to return home to retrieve it, I decided, "Well, now is as good as a time as any to go without my phone" and continued on with my day.

Immediately thoughts of fear filled my head. "What if I need it?". "What if my car breaks down?". "What if there's an emergency?". The "what ifs?" continued to creep into my mind throughout most of my commute. Despite my initial concerns, I found b
y noon time I was starting to not miss my phone. I was actually thankful to have forgotten it! It was a relief not having to check it or think, "Was that my phone?" every time I heard a slight buzzing noise. By Saturday, I was greatly enjoying the detachment from my phone. I felt free and had no tether and no responsibility to reply to, or answer to anyone or anything.

By the time I reached home again, 36+ hours had passed. I had survived my 24 hour phone-free challenge, and then some. I checked my phone before going to bed and turned it off immediately. Hopefully, I will spend more days "phone-less" in the future, and focus on connecting with the people I care to, face to face.

What item of technology do you feel you can't live without?
Could you go 24 hours without it?

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  1. Somehow I stumbled upon this "article." Honestly, I don't think I could a day without my Xbox or DS. Lol. I neglect my phone all the time but I hate being without my consoles. My games are a huge stress reliever, so if I had to go a day without it, I just might explode! Haha