Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 277 - Conversation

I had my first signed conversation last night! I found out, rather quickly, that I was actually afraid to use my newly learned skills in fear of signing something incorrectly. It was hard for me to sign outside of the classroom due to feeling intimidated, so I used very few signs at first. More so, I don't think I even signed a complete sentence! The other signer encouraged me, and I got the basics out like, help, home, potty training/learning, class, and breakfast in the conversation and believe that she understood what I was trying to convey despite my nervousness. If they say practice makes perfect, I have a lot of practicing left to do - which surely will be accomplished as I head off to my new, ASL Beginner 2 class tonight!

What new thing or skill have you learned, and then been afraid to use?

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