Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 281 - HD

Thank goodness I decided to pull my hair back and into a ponytail today. Little did I know it would come in handy for my late in the day, fear tackling mission! I was "volunteered" into riding a Harley Davidson today. Okay, now no one really had to twist my arm on this one, especially since one of my goals is to learn how to ride a motorcycle, but I was admittedly a bit nervous when the idea was sprung on me.

As I walked out of work, friends greeted me and I overheard something about, "Let her ride..." I immediately got nervous as I had not pre-planned any type of motorcycle ride, and didn't have time to talk myself in or out of action! A shopping excursion delayed my mission, but did not prevent it. As we exited the store, I found myself handing over my car keys and asking for an explanation on how to get on the two-seater. "Good Lord, please don't let me kick him in the head", is all I could think as I hoisted myself onto the bike. With a rev of the engine, that joyfully set off a near by car's alarm, we were on our way.

While I did have faith in the driver, my mind wondered upon such thoughts as, "This thing doesn't have any seat belts". Quickly followed by, "Well, if I fall off, I probably wouldn't want to be strapped to the bike anyway.". A few blocks into the ride, I felt pretty relaxed and got the feel for the bike (or at least I hope I did!) and was loving it. I relaxed as the wind invited me to do so, and thought too bad the roads aren't endless and the daylight is never ending. I could ride all night.

What activity makes you feel free?

Could this be in my future?

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