Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 328 - Happy Hats Giving

This is Arthur. He is an aardvark, but more so, he is a giant helium balloon waiting to be blown up for the Chicago McDonald's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Sadly, as he was unpacked, it was discovered he had a large rip in his right, umm, paw? And needed a patch job. Thankfully the Balloon Captains knew how to fix Arthur so he could continue to be inflated, and walked down State Street.

The best thing about the parade this year, was not Arthur, the balloons or the crowd, but rather the kindness of a stranger named Sandy. Having lived in the Chicago area my entire life, I'm not sure how at my age, I can still misjudge the weather and dress inappropriately, but I did. I made the mistake of going "hat less" on a cold, Fall day. Thankfully, after talking to other volunteers and strangers (hopefully a good trait of mine?) I met Sandy. She not only had a hat, but a hood and chose to give up her hat so I could wear it and stay warm. It was neon orange and didn't match a thing I was wearing, but I didn't care. There's a saying that goes something like, "God watches over fools and babies". All I can say is, I'm too old to be a baby, but thankful for His kindness, and that of strangers. Happy Thanksgiving!

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