Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 309 - Ad-Lib

I spontaneously accepted a dinner invite with people I've never been out with, and only know through a working relationship. I was nervous, but figured "How else do you make new friends?". We went to a small restaurant that they had been raving about, and it did not disappoint! Ad-Lib was amazing! While the space and menu were small, the atmosphere and palette choices were phenomenally crafted. Dinner choices, which are constantly changing, included choices of lobster, steak, and pork chops with seasonal side dishes. I chose the pork chop with a side of cabbage, apples, brussel sprouts and potatoes. The dish was beautiful in it's colorful presentation of browns, purples, greens and yellow and even more delectable. Desert was a lightly, lemon flavored cheesecake.

Following dinner, not quite wanting to go home, we decided on an impromptu movie night to see Tower Heist. I recently declined an invite to see it, so while I went with the popular decision of the group, I was dreading sitting through it. So glad I didn't wimp out and decide to go home, because I loved the movie and now, highly recommend it!

I guess sometimes, like the name of the restaurant, ya just have to Ad-Lib and go with the flow. I had an amazing night out with two new friends, enjoyed a fabulous dinner, a great movie and can't wait to do it again! I found myself thankful for just having said yes to a night out, and more thankful for the opportunity and invite.

What do you sometimes find it hard to say yes to?

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