Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 321 - Cry

Today I showed the ultimate "weakness" in front of my boss (of all people). It was an accident. I was upset and frustrated with work, and took a moment to break down and cry in the privacy of my own cubical and then SHE walked in. SHE never comes to visit, but SHE had perfect timing today to catch me in the middle of the ugly cry. You know THAT cry, the one you don't want anyone to ever see you doing.

I was impressed SHE seemed to care as we typically have little to no daily interaction. SHE made sure to offer support and concern, and followed up with me throughout the day. I think SHE wanted to make sure I wasn't having a nervous breakdown.The best thing about it all? I think SHE took sympathy on me, as not only do I get an extra day off, but I got invited to a work conference in California for early next year. I can use a visit to the sunshine state, work or not!

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