Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 310 - Daylight Savings

I enjoyed sleeping in an extra hour today, but I did not enjoy the fact that the movie theaters did not update their movie times via their websites, causing me to drive to two different theaters, and pay for unused parking. Despite the cross-town movie chase down, I enjoyed the extra time in the car chatting with my friend. Because she felt bad for the "inconvenience", my friend paid for my movie ticket which was unnecessary, but much appreciated.

I felt blessed this weekend with multiple invites and being treated to 2 movies and an awesome dessert by friends. It seems like Daylight Savings Time equated to Lynn Saving Money weekend as well! I must say, I felt abundantly blessed and appreciative to have these people around me to hang out with, and took the time to thank them and more so, be thankful for them!

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