Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 269 - MMOM

I can't believe how quickly Fall has snuck up on me! It seems as though instantly the sun has decided to set by 7 instead of 9, and the air refuses to warm above 60 degrees. I admit, I already long for the blossoms of Spring! Having been through some rough luck as of late, I thought today's questions should focus on something more positive...

1) What are you most thankful for?
My health and the fact that I am mobile and (currently) have all the functions I was born with! I can do anything, and I am thankful for that.

2) Who are you most thankful for?
While family is an easy answer, I must admit I am most thankful for my friends at the moment, especially my Little Snack Cake.

3) What are you most thankful not to have? (i.e. think unanswered prayers)
I am thankful that God has removed certain people from my life. Despite being a painful experience, thank goodness He knows better then I do!

4) When do you find yourself most thankful?
In the morning and evenings. I tend to close my day reflecting on my blessings before I fall asleep, and also, when I am walking into work. Usually when walking towards my office building, I soak up all the sun rays and energy that I can, knowing they won't touch me for another 8 hours or so. In that moment, I give thanks and reflect on the things I have, not what I am facing.

5) Why are you thankful?
Because I know I am not in the driver's seat during my ride around the sun. Remember, if you want good service, you have to tip the Driver every once in a while!

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