Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 265 - Keesha Day 8

It looks like I've got only 100 more days of blogging left based on today's post title! I have to admit, these past few weeks have been challenging! Having to deal with life changes and caring for a sick pet have made it hard to focus on blogging, however I am determined to not let 260+ days of blogging end here, not with an end goal of daily blogging for a full year in site!

Keesha update: She has started to vomit and her nauseousness has increased. These are the signs of decline that I was warned against upon her release from the Animal ER. All tests have been inconclusive as to what caused her to stop eating, but her resulting anorexia created a fatty liver that seems to have taken an eternal hold on her. Her upcoming vet visit is supposed to be for a bandage change and a liver enzyme blood test, however I am feeling that the visit may be her last trip to the veterinarian. While I hope I am incorrect, I can't help but see a declining animal that is no longer herself in front of me and I will not allow her to suffer longer then needed for my own selfishness...

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