Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 263 - Keesha Day 5 & 6

Monday found Keesha coming home with a feeding tube in hopes of a recovery, but with the reality that she may decline. After stopping at two different pharmacies, the "child" had all the prescriptions she needed and home care was to begin. As if I were a new mother not quite sure how to care for her child, the days found me with my stomach in knots as I was doling out 6 different medications and 'round the clock feedings. Was I doing this correctly? Was I causing more pain then good? I frequently looked at her yellow, jaundiced ears for any sign of improvement to no avail, but continued to hope and pray for the best. Tuesday brought more of the same. Feedings, a grueling medication regiment, and a stomach in knots as my poor cat seemed to decline in front of my eyes...

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