Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 260 - Keesha Day 3

Expecting to have to give 'round the clock feedings to Keesha, I called into work today and even regretfully declined a wedding invitation for the evening. Upon arriving at the vet this morning to bring Keesha home, she did not respond to my presence at all. It was heartbreaking and disappointing. Instead, she ended up drooling, a sign of nauseousness, and wheezing despite having clear lungs. Painfully, I decided to take her to an animal ER for further hydration and the insertion of a feeding tube.

With knots in my stomach, I drove to the ER and had her admitted for surgery. Post operative news was good, and found she had tolerated the surgery well, but seemed rather frightened of her new surroundings. I called around 9pm to check on her further, and her first feeding seemed well received. Keeping food down at this point is going to be the biggest hurdle. Hopes are that she "eats" well, and I will be able to bring her home tomorrow, Sunday, to administer the feedings myself until she eats on her own.

I find it ironic and beyond emotionally draining on how something as simple as eating, which is the only "cure" in this case, is so difficult. It's amazing what one takes for granted. I literally have an anorexic cat, and if this is how pet ownership goes, I can't imagine what having a human child is like. Again, fingers crossed that her feedings stay "down" and I can bring her home tomorrow...

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