Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 230 - Reading

"The lessons of love come in many different forms. Fascinated by the affection [her horse, Lay Me Down,] accords a stranger, Richards notes the mare's courage and slowly begins to emulate it in her own life, opening up to a love affair and its aftermath and proving to herself that she will not run when life pushes hard against her heart." - Pamela Crossland for Booklist from the American Library Association

I just completed reading the book, "Chosen By A Horse" by Susan Richards. While "Chosen By A Horse" wasn't a bad novel (by any means), I felt that the story ended flatly. While there were lessons learned by the main character, I felt there was little development or examples of putting those lessons to use. Me personally, I have to be proverbially "beaten over the head" sometimes in order to learn a lesson, so I recognize my own bias of the outcome of this novel. In addition, I think what I missed most was a happy, fairy tale ending. Perhaps I still want to read how the changed heroine ends up with her Prince Charming, and that's just not quite how this story ends. While the ending leaves it's reader with hope, I can't say it left me with that "warm fuzzy" feeling I had expected. Call me a hopeless romantic, and call Susan Richards a great author, despite me feeling that the story ended a bit soft! If you love or have any interest in horses, Susan Richards is the author for you! Next read in progress is "A Dog's Purpose". I'll keep you posted!

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