Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 218 - Wicked Queen

- Disney's Wicked Queen with Poison Apple -

One of my nicknames is, "Queen". So, when I went to one of my favorite Irish restaurants, "Wilde", and saw the martini menu, one beverage screamed out at me, quite loudly I might add. Right there in bold print it stated, "WICKED QUEEN". How could I not order this? Oh, I know, because I don't really care for martinis. But, the fact that the beverage was a martini mixed with my favorite Irish cider (Bulmer's if you're in Ireland, but dubbed Magner's in the USA) how could I go wrong? (Because it's still a martini, that's how!).

Choosing to order my $10 dollar Wicked Queen at risk of throwing my money down the drain, I decided to face fear and try something new. Moments later, it arrived.

- Wilde's Wicked Queen -

The poison was in front of me, in a chilled martini class with a cherry garnish. I took one sip of the Apple Stoli Vodka, Apple Pucker and Magner's Cider mix and fell in love. And ya know what, it didn't kill me! It tasted like a Granny Smith apple, not too bitter and not too sweet. I recommend every one indulge their "wickedness" once in a while. What are you waiting for?

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